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Why Hiding Job Postings Deep in Your Corporate Web Site Is a Bad Idea

How easy is it for job seekers to find information about job openings on your web site?

Many companies hide information about their job openings deep in their corporate web site structure. Candidates are often expected to go through the “About Us” page, then read about the company’s culture and why it is such a great place to work, before they get to the actual job postings.

I know that you, as an employer, want to connect with serious candidates who understand the requirements of your business and are motivated enough to learn about you before applying for a job.

But here are three reasons why hiding job postings content deep in your web site hurts your recruitment efforts:

First, some candidates who are really good at what they do, may not be proficient in navigating corporate web sites.

When you bury the information about your job openings deep in your web site, you are effectively hiding it from some strong potential candidates. Pages that are deep in a web site’s structure are also less likely to be indexed by search engines like Google and Yahoo and included in search results – and even when they do get indexed, they are deemed less relevant and often do not show up in relevant search results.

Second: Don’t assume that putting a job posting on a major job board is a good substitute for displaying job advertising information on your web site.

Job boards are used by those who actively look for work. Some good prospective candidates – for example, employees of your competitors – may not be looking actively, but may visit your web site in search for information about your business or area of expertise. Even if they are not looking for work, they may know someone else who is. Hiding the information about your job openings deep in your web site means that you are missing out on the opportunity to engage these visitors to your web site.

Third: Be realistic…
The main reason why job seekers visit your web site is to find out if you have a job opening for them. If you do, they want to learn more about your business and find out what makes your company a great place to work. So even if you force candidates to go through your “About Us” and other pages, the vast majority will simply skip through them in search for the job postings. Some otherwise good candidates may get lost and not find the postings, or simply give up in frustration – especially those who are in your industry but may not be looking very actively (for example, employees of your competitors).

Being pragmatic and telling candidates upfront what you are looking for will significantly improve your chance of reaching those who have it. And rest assured, good candidates will make an effort to research your company and products even without you forcing them to go through your About Us page – once they know that you need someone with their skills.
Written by Strac Ivanov, M.B.A., President of Vicinity Jobs Inc