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Jobs Created in the Green Energy Industry

Guest post contributed by Jane Hughes

Economists suggest that the creation of jobs associated with green energy is vital to the future success of global economies, like those in Canada. Many jobs have been brought to the forefront of the energy industry, and according to a report by the United Nations Environment Program, more than 2 million people around the world already work within the renewable energy sector.

Increased attention on the green industry has certainly allowed green job openings to increase. Reports on the subject suggest that wind power offers more than 300,000 jobs, solar power employs more than 600,000 people, and that at least a million people are employed in bio-fuels. These numbers will only increase over time as energy needs increase and green energy research becomes more important.

The fossil fuels industry is one with over a century of development while jobs in the green energy sector offer what some might consider a “Wild West” approach to harnessing energy. Environmentalists and energy experts are confident that research into renewable and green energies will result in significant job growth. According to saving energy with green energy will be a top concern for the energy industry at large over the next several years.

Wind Power Jobs

Jobs created as a result of investigations, research and building of wind power turbines include wind turbine manufacturing, wind farm maintenance and repair, and turbine installation. Research jobs in this sector of the green energy industry also continue to grow and remain vital to the development of future wind power opportunities.

Solar Power Jobs

Solar power exists as a green energy option available to individuals and large corporations, and so the impact of solar power energy research is vast. Jobs in this sector of the green energy industry range from the installation of roof-top solar panels for residential or commercial use, to maintenance jobs associated with large scale solar farms. Solar panel manufacturing jobs also exist as well as employment opportunities in the research of new applications and technology.

Bio-Fuel Jobs

Different types of employment related to bio-fuels are often connected to the use of such fuel in engines such as diesel-powered machines. The advent of biodiesel has become popular in Europe and is an idea that has spread to North America in recent years, although it is not yet widespread.

Many of the jobs in this sector are related to the research and development of new technologies and advancements within bio-fuel machinery, and as a result, much of the available employment requires that you have university-level scientific knowledge and training. General construction jobs within the bio-fuel industry also exist along with workers who maintain current installations and update present infrastructures with newer technology.

Technical and manufacturing jobs in green energy often require that you possess a bachelor’s degree or an associate’s degree, along with some time spent in an internship or professional capacity to learn about the job. Some facets of the industry encourage journeyman training and mentorships for new workers. Research and development jobs often require education beyond a four-year degree, and a master’s or doctorate is generally preferred.

Green energy job growth hasn’t been rampant in the past decade due to the slowness of various nations in accepting the importance of green energy research, but there will come a point where such jobs and energy options will mean the difference between keeping the lights on and living in the dark.

Jane Hughes is a writer/editor for Her true passions hinge on the germination and advancement of the energy industry as a whole. In her free time, she enjoys making necklaces and shopping.