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Is Your Job Advertising Approach Working: 4 Simple Questions to Ask Yourself

We hear quite often in the news about employers having difficulties finding suitable candidates for certain positions. But are they using the right tools and channels to make sure they are reaching out to the right candidates? In my experience, the answer is usually “no”.

Even among businesses with otherwise well established and highly effective marketing strategies, job advertising is still dominated by the “old school of thought”: Many employers still think that all you need to do to find suitable candidates is pay to have your job posted on a well known job board.

Here is the problem with this notion: The way job seekers search for and find information has evolved, and advertising techniques that worked in the past just don’t cut it anymore. It was not so long ago when newspaper ads were a major advertising channel, for example. Most businessmen now consider them an expensive and ineffective relic. A traditional job posting is not very different from a newspaper ad – only it is online. (In fact, old-fashioned newspaper publishers are still the ones who run many major job boards.)

At Vicinity Jobs, we have helped connect millions of Canadian job seekers with employers since we started our service in 2006. We have conducted thousands of job advertising campaigns in the past 7 years for over 1,500 employers. We have learned quite a few lessons along the way. Over the coming weeks, I will be sharing some of them here on the Vicinity Jobs blog, hoping that this will help make the online job advertising space a better and more productive environment for both employers and job seekers.

So are you doing enough to reach the right job candidates?

There are some universal mistakes and misconceptions among employers when it comes to advertising jobs. To avoid or correct them, I recommend that you start by asking yourself the following questions:

  • Is your web site’s career section accessible to Search Engines? Is its content search-engine optimized?

  • Do you optimize the content of your job posting to make them easy to find?

  • How easy is it for strangers to share your postings through social networking sites?

  • Do you monitor and manage your online employer reputation?

I will be discussing each of these topics on the Vicinity Jobs blog in detail in the coming weeks. So stay tuned!

Written by Strac Ivanov, M.B.A., President of Vicinity Jobs Inc