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CME Employers’ Event Deals with HR Strategies for Tough Economic Times


CME Ontario is hosting event for employers titled “HUMAN CAPITAL MANAGEMENT: New challenges. New solutions”.  

In times of   economic uncertainty, it is even more critical for organizations to optimize their workforces, use the right engagement and development strategies with employees, find ways to gain greater control of the overall human capital management costs and make the best human capital investments. Companies that embrace and lead change will survive and thrive in the new economy.

To help employers address these issues, CME Ontario is hosting an event for employers on March 31st, titled “HUMAN CAPITAL MANAGEMENT: New challenges. New solutions”. CME expects that 200+ manufacturers will participate. The event will be a collaborative discussion on the economy and its effect on human resources management.

Major focus areas of this events will be:

  • Effect of the current economic situation people management;
  • Review of the latest strategies, initiatives and solutions that enable businesses to withstand the wrath of these harsh economic times; and,
  • HR best practices and practical guidance on how to approach the challenges that all companies are dealing with.

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